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The early day

In 2002 Jean-David decides to create a production house in Casablanca, Morocco, in view of organizing the work of his fellow film makers or photographers, both Moroccan and foreign nationals. A fair bridge linking the world and The Kingdom of Morocco.

The passion

Producer of FRANCAISE by Souad El Bouhati featuring Hafsia Herzi, of several documentary films including THE DAMNED OF THE SEA by Jawad Rhalib, short films including CASA BY LOVE by Amine Benis and over a hundred of TV commercials, namely : AIGUEBELLE and PHONY.
Executive producer of 15 motion pictures, including OF GODS AND MEN by Xavier Beauvois (Grand prix at the International Film Festival of Cannes 2010) , JOURNEY TO MECCA an Imax film by Bruce Neibaur. A VIEW OF LOVE by Nicole Garcia and short films such as YOUR NEVER LEFT by Youssef Nabil featuring Fanny Ardant and Tahar Rahim as well as over fifty TV commercials including : TERRE D’HERMÈS/Gang,  LIPTON/75TV AND AIR FRANCE.


In 2012 Jean David and Ilham create Abel Aflam, a symbol for all kinds of encouragement, support, and representation which allow for artists, producers and photographers to be acknowledged as such in Morocco. It is also a crossing, a meeting and exchange point where both technicians and creators of films, advertising, photography, and publishing meet and work side by side with the common goal of bringing projects to fruition. (MI CASA ES TU CASA by Daginsky, Super héros by Deborah Benzaquen.)


Abel Aflam, together with the Moroccan institutions and civilian society, promotes image education in Morocco. (L’Usine de Films Amateurs)
We produce and co-produce with the world of fiction films and documentaries, which are both the expression of a testimony on behalf of the social, political, economic and cultural situation in the Kingdom of Morocco. (HOPE by Boris Lojkine)


In this era of social networks and a Moroccan society undergoing profound changes, we are quite mindful of the new vectors of storytelling through new supports while preserving our cinematographic requirements. We advocate in support of artistically ambitious projects which allow for emerging Moroccan and foreign talents to find a voice.